Magicube - Castles and Home

Magicube - Castles and Home

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Recommended Age: 3+ years

The classical game of blocks becomes magical, with this magnetic construction set. With blocks and clips that attach easily on any side, your little ones can create magical castles and homes. As they construct their story physically as well as verbally, they will take their block building and story-telling to new creative heights!

Includes: 16 colorful magnetic blocks, 62 clips

Product Dimensions: 16.5" x 10.2" x 2.8"

  • Boosts Imagination and Pretend Play
  • Encourages Story-Telling
  • Improves Spatial Awareness and Orientation
  • Improves Grasp and Grip
  • Develops STEM Skills*

*STEM introduces an interdisciplinary approach to learning, where students apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics in contexts that represent/reflect real-life experiences and applications.