Bburago Die-Cast Scale Model


      Bburago is an Italian brand and former manufacturing company of toys and die-cast scale model cars. In 2006 Company was acquired by May Cheong Group (owner of Maisto).

      One of the earliest Bburago lines was a series of 1:43 scale Fiat trucks, however, most models were produced initially in 1/24 scale and mostly represented contemporary European sports and saloon cars. Most were well detailed, and included many opening features.

      Later, a range of 1:18, vehicles was produced which was to become the "bread and butter" of Bburago offerings. In the mid-1980s, a new 1:43 scale line was begun. As they were held together by screws, models in 1:24 and 1:18 were also commonly issued in kit form (later, 1:43 kits appeared as well).

      While vehicles in the kit ranges used the same castings as their contemporaries in the fully assembled ranges, the kits often depicted different versions, usually in racing or rally style. Bburago kits were notorious for featuring waterslide transfers which never adhered properly to the models, making well-built examples of the kits rare. Clearcoat could be sprayed over the unassembled model to "seal" the decals "in".

      Conversely, the transfers on factory-built cars were of the 'stick on' variety, rather than the 'tampo' printing used by the likes of Maisto


      Source: Wikipedia

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