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  • Go Go Gelato | Blue Orange
    Go Go Gelato | Blue Orange
    Go Go Gelato | Blue Orange
    Go Go Gelato | Blue Orange
    by Blue Orange

    Go Go Gelato | Blue Orange

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    Age: 5Y+

    Using 4 cones, 3 scoops, 2 hands, and 1 challenge card fill your customers’ orders as quickly as you can! Pass the scoops back and forth between the cones, being careful to not touch or drop them. Work quickly to figure out the best way to satisfy your customer before your opponents do. Fill the order exactly like it looks on the card, or you’ll lose the race. A tasty and engaging dexterity race that's fun for everyone!

    • Use logic to become a Gelato -mixing master!
    • Pass the scoops between the cones to match your customer's orders first
    • Think fast and Plan ahead, it's a race!
    • Perfect beginner logic game for little minds
    • Includes 16 cones, 12 Gelato scoops, 54 challenge cards, and illustrated rules
    • Play Time: 15 minutes
    • 2-4 Players
    • Ages 6 and UP

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