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Inside India: Amazing Historical Places - Paperback | HarperCollins

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Age: 3Y

Pages: 64Y

Format: Paperback

Join Indy and Dia on a super exciting and fun tour of India's amazing historical places. This activity book will help you navigate India's rich and mind-boggling map of historical wonders through engaging activities. Discover unknown details about the famous monuments and sites you've already heard of and get acquainted with the little-known gems that make our country truly incredible. India is incredible, unmatched, unlimited ... it is also fun as the Inside India series will show you. Amazing Historical Places is the second book in the series. Each book in the series is designed around an Indian theme, such as Festivals and Celebrations, Historical Places, Food and Eco Victories, and includes word searches, crosswords, multiple-choice quizzes, picture quizzes, jokes and riddles, art and craft, recipes, puzzles and more. Come on an exciting ride Inside India!

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