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  • Magna-Qubix® 29-Piece Set - Krazy Caterpillar
    Magna-Qubix® 29-Piece Set - Krazy Caterpillar
    Magna-Qubix® 29-Piece Set - Krazy Caterpillar
    Magna-Qubix® 29-Piece Set - Krazy Caterpillar
    by Valtech LLC, USA

    29-Piece Set | Magna-Qubix®

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    Recommended age: 3+ yrs

    There is no limit to what your child can invent with the magnetic shapes found in the Magna-Qubix® 29-Piece Set! A new addition to the Magna-Tiles® family, it’s designed for ages three and up and serves as a creative outlet for your child’s wild imagination.

    But the Magna-Qubix® 29-Piece Set is more than a way for children to have fun. Over hours of unstructured, free play, enjoy benefits like:

    • An array of 3D shapes: With translucent, vividly colored 3D shapes like pyramids, prisms, and cubes, your child to create anything they can dream. What’s more, each piece is roughly 1 in. by 1 in., an ideal size for small hands to work with. They’re even compatible with all other Magna-Tiles® sets to open up an entire world of possibilities.
    • STEM-approved: Besides sparking innovation and ingenuity, your child will also have the chance to hone their math, science, spatial, and tactile skills with this STEM-approved learning activity. Our magnetic toys for kids are an invaluable educational resource in lesson plans, experiments, group activities, and much more.
    • Durable, kid-friendly construction: With high-quality magnets safely secured in each tile, pieces “click” together and maintain a strong connection so creations can star in your child’s other favorite activities, from playing with cars to make-believe.

    The Magna-Qubix® 29-Piece Set is among the most durable and safest magnetic shape toys on the market for several reasons, including:

    • Through a process involving press-sealing, blocks are made out of food-grade ABS plastic that contains absolutely no BPA, phthalates, or latex. This makes our sets safe, highly durable, resistant to scratching and wear, and appropriate for energetic play both indoors and outside.
    • The dyes used are completely non-toxic, and our translucent magnetic shapes won’t lose their vivid, fog-free colors over time.
    • Powerful neodymium magnets are secured to each piece, enabling completed structures to remain intact.

    When your child’s creations are complete, post them on social media for a chance to be featured with #magnatiles. 

    Product Details:


    • 4 square pyramids
    • 8 triangular prisms
    • 12 cubes
    • 2 hexagonal prisms
    • 3 rectangular prisms

    Package Weight: 10.1 ounces
    Package Measurement: 8 x 1.5 x 8 inches
    Item Measurement: Each shape measures 1 inch by 1 inch
    Item Number: 18029
    UPC: 6 31291 18029 6

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