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  • Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set - Krazy Caterpillar
    Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set - Krazy Caterpillar
    Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set - Krazy Caterpillar
    Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set - Krazy Caterpillar
    by Valtech LLC, USA

    Clear Colors 32-Piece Set | Magna-Tiles®

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    Recommended age: 3+ yrs

    Your child’s creative imagination needs an outlet that will not only allow them to express themselves freely but also teach them valuable skills in the process.

    The Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set is the answer for children ages three and up.

    Inspiring hours upon hours of instruction-free play and creativity, children have the chance to build the structures of their dreams, from their favorite movie character to a mansion fit for royalty.

    Meanwhile, they’ll benefit from features like the following:

    • Safe, durable materials: Free of latex, phthalates, and BPA, we construct each set with food-grade ABS plastic to ensure the safety of your children without jeopardizing our magnetic shapes’ strength. They’ll withstand years of excitement and resist damage, whether kids play indoors or outdoors.
    • Stem-approved: Learning is a blast with the Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set, and educators agree. Our magnetic shapes are featured in lesson plans everywhere thanks to their ability to promote the development of math, science, spatial, and tactile skills.
    • Vivid, fog-free hues: Featuring bright colors and mesmerizing transparency, the magnetic shapes in this set resemble stained glass and come in a variety of squares and triangles.
    • Compatible with all Magna-Tiles®: To give your child even more creative freedom, you can pair this set with any other Magna-Tiles® kits. All of our magnetic tiles unite with a signature “click” that indicates a secure connection, and there is no limit to what can be created.

    Why Choose the Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set?

    STEM-approved, the Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set sparks hours of unstructured, free play in children, whether they’re building at home or in a group setting. There is no right or wrong way to use them – instead, this vital screen-free playtime encourages children to explore their imagination while helping them develop essential skills, such as:

    • Color theory
    • Shape recognition
    • Matching
    • Design and architecture
    • Fine and gross motor skills
    • Balance and symmetry
    • Magnetic principles
    • Problem-solving
    • Teamwork
    • And more…

    As a result, our magnetic toys for kids are highly valued by educators, whether they’re classroom teachers or homeschooling parents, and appear often in lesson plans, experiments, and more.

    Plus, Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set is compatible with all other Magna-Tiles® sets, ensuring everyone in the group has a chance to participate and allowing children to mix and match as they please.

    Invented by Valtech in 1997, Magna-Tiles®, the original 3D magnetic building tiles, are available in numerous kits and configurations, including the Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 32-Piece Set.

    Thanks to sonic welding, stainless steel rivets, and premium ceramic magnets, all pieces are resistant to scratches, dents, and other damage, and every finished structure is strong enough to be included in your child’s next activity.

    When your child’s creations are complete, post them on social media for a chance to be featured with #magnatiles.

    Product Details:


    • 14 Small Squares
    • 2 Large Squares
    • 4 Isosceles Triangles
    • 4 Right Triangles
    • 8 Equilateral Triangles

    Package Weight: 3 lbs / 1.4 kg
    Package Measurement: 16 x 1.5 x 12 inches
    Item Measurement: Each shape has a base measurement of 3 inches / 7.62 cm
    Item Number: 02132
    UPC: 631291021322

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