Paws off, Cheddarface!:

Paws off, Cheddarface!: #6 - Paperback | Geronimo Stilton

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Age: 6-9Y

Pages: 122

Format: Paperback

Geronimo is a hardworking mouse who works as a journalist and editor for the famous magazine, Rodent's Gazette. He is a peace-loving, humble mouse who respects everyone. So one day when he is accused of wrongdoings and misdeeds that he never did, he is left utterly bewildered.

An old woman blames him for stepping on her feet and neglecting to apologize. Geronimo tries hard to remember the incident but can't. Geronimo's good friend named Benny accuses him of calling him names. This comes as a major setback for Geronimo, who is very loyal to his friends.

The allegations keep coming and Geronimo is forced to investigate the possibilities of a hoaxer who is impersonating him and going around the city insulting people. He is shocked when he finds out that the intentions of the imposter are not only to defame him but also to take over his famous newspaper. Will Geronimo be able to catch this evil imposter? Paws off, Cheddarface!: 06 (Geronimo Stilton #6) was published by Scholastic Incorporated in 2004. This first edition is available in paperback.

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