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  • Thea Stilton and The Spanish Dance Mission: 16 (Geronimo Stilton) – Illustrated
    by Scholastic

    Thea Stilton and The Spanish Dance Mission: 16 (Geronimo Stilton) – Illustrated

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    Age: 7-10Y

    Pages: 168

    Format: Paperback

    About The Book

    The sixteenth book of the Thea Stilton series Thea Stilton And The Spanish Dance Mission: 16 takes you to an action and adventure ride with some great twists and turns, with funny and empathetic moments. Readers are also introduced to new places and cultures with their details like Spain and Feria de Abril. Mostly the story focuses on having an adventurous life, the values of friendship and the importance of teamwork.

    This time the book takes you to the next adventure trip of the Thea Sisters as they are headed for Spain. The girls planned a two week vacation post exams and are now ready to initiate it. However, these plans are about to change. A package reaches their door, which was sent from Joaquin Vega and Anita, two dancers they had met at a World dance Workshop. They were invited by Vega for spending their holidays with them in Seville. But soon things take a huge turn when a Precious fan goes missing and this turns their voyage into an investigation. Later we come to know that they aren't the only ones looking for it. Who solves the case, the Sisters or the mouselets?

    The publisher of the book is Scholastic Inc. and they published it in August 2013 in paperback

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