Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton:

Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton: #17 - Paperback | Geronimo Stilton

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Age: 6-9Y

Pages: 122

Format: Paperback

Geronimo Stilton #17: Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton! revolves around Geronimo Stilton, who runs The Rodent's Gazette, where he and his co-workers write books and newspapers. One sunny July morning, he decides to have breakfast at the corner diner and decides to pick up a freshly printed copy of his newspaper from the newsstand. He then asks the newsstand owner, Inkypaws, about it, who tells him that a mouse came by that morning and offered him a huge amount of money to have his newspapers on the stands. The mouse is taking away all the newspapers and books by The Rodent's Gazette, replacing them with his, The Roaring Rat, leaving Geronimo's company on the verge of bankruptcy.

Geronimo then remembers that someone could help him out, who is Shif T. Paws. His friend then signs him up for a TV game show, which, if Geronimo wins, would make him 1 million dollars richer and save The Rodent's Gazette. But, there's a very serious consequence if Geronimo doesn't win - his tail would be chopped off. The juries start off by being very mean to Geronimo, booing him for every correct answer. Does Geronimo win the game show and save his tale?

This first edition of Geronimo Stilton #17: Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton! was published by Scholastic Inc., in 2005 and is available in paperback.

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