Willy Visits The Square World - Paperback | Jeffrey Archer by Macmillan Book

Willy Visits The Square World - Paperback | Jeffrey Archer

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Age: 5-9Y

Pages: 44

Format: Paperback

A fun-filled, action-packed children's story from bestselling author JEFFREY ARCHER! When Yo-Yo the Cat is kidnapped, Willy and Randolph the Bear must fly through space to rescue her from the Square World to which she has been taken – with some help from the Fuzzies, the wise Big Whoosh, the Glowsnake and the Upsidedown Bird. Which means defeating Grumpfuzz and his Thieving Bird who have captured Yo-Yo because cats are Grumpfuzz’s favourite breakfast. Can Willy and his friends save Yo-Yo? Internationally bestselling author Jeffrey Archer’s delightful story for young readers, accompanied by Anupama Ajinkya Apte’s fun illustrations, will win the author many new fans!

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